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The Livery of the Saddlers' Company

The size of the Livery is determined by order of the Court and it currently stands at a maximum of 85, excluding members of the Court. Ladies have been admitted since the granting of the new Royal Charter in 1995.

The Master and Wardens review the vacancies on the Livery at the beginning of each Company Year and submit the names of suitable Freemen to the Court, which elects the new Liveryman or Liverymen. There is no right of advancement from the Freedom to the Livery, admission to which is a privilege granted by the Court in the expectation that all members of the Livery accept their commitment to support the Company's interests and activities.

The primary obligation of a Liveryman is to attend the four Livery Quarter Courts which are held each year and pay the traditional sum of one shilling (5 pence) as his Quarterage.  A fine is paid on admission to the Livery.

The affairs of the Livery are controlled by the Secretary of the Livery and an elected Livery Committee. In order to exploit the knowledge and skills of Liverymen for the benefit of the Company, and to provide an opportunity for members of the Senior Livery to experience the workings of the Company's business and administrative procedures, Liverymen may be co-opted to serve on some committees of the Court for periods of up to three years, after which they make way for other members of the Livery.

As Freemen of the City of London, all Liverymen have an important role to play in the wider context of supporting the City of London in maintaining its rights, privileges and institutions. This can only be done by gaining an understanding of the relationship between the Corporation of London and the Livery.

The Honorary Livery consists of those Liverymen who have found that they are unable to carry out the obligations and responsibilities of a Liveryman and who have asked to be made supernumerary so as to create vacancies for those Freemen who are able and willing to become active members of the Livery. Honorary Liverymen may apply to return to full Livery status and may do so if the Court agrees.

Honorary Liverymen are not summoned to Livery Quarter Courts, nor invited to Company functions. They may however ask to attend at the Hall and may be able to do so if space permits.


Stained Glass Window, Families with long connections to the Company
Stained Glass Window, Families with long connections to the Company