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Livery Links

Over the long course of its history the Saddlers' Company has forged particularly close relationships with some of its 110 fellow livery companies.

Firstly, there are the ties of hospitality and friendship formed over the years. Foremost in this group are the Grocers, Merchant Taylors, Haberdashers, Salters and Vintners, who have either taken refuge in Saddlers' Hall or who welcomed the Saddlers to their own Hall when the Saddlers have found themselves homeless. There are another twenty or more companies to whom the Saddlers offer hospitality each year and who, in their turn, invite the Saddlers to their Halls.

The Leather Companies' Committee
Secondly, there is the smaller group of companies who share a common interest in leather and some, if not all, of its many products. The Leather Companies' Committee consists of the Leathersellers, Girdlers, Cordwainers, Curriers, Glovers and Coachmakers & Coach Harness Makers, as well as the Saddlers. The Clerks of these companies meet to discuss and progress matters of common interest, and report back to their respective Courts. This unity of interest and action has enabled significant progress to be made in a number of areas, which has been to the mutual benefit of the Companies and the leather trade as a whole.

The Saddlers, the Farriers and the Loriners
Finally, the smallest grouping is that of the three livery companies which share a common interest in the horse: the Saddlers, the Farriers and the Loriners.  They engage as appropriate in furthering their mutual equestrian based links and exchanging hospitality.

The Manor of Sal
This group is formed of those companies, the Saddlers, Woolmen, Joiners and Ceilers, Dyers and Cutlers, who joined the Salters in 1619 and drew lot 10 of the Plantation of Ulster, subsequently called the Manor of Sal.  Direct involvement in the Plantation had ceased by 1897 but in more recent times the companies have established and maintained the custom of lunching together annually to commemorate their former joint venture.



The Saddlers' crest, embossed in gold onto leather furniture