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Until the mid-16th Century, the guilds had no rigid precedence among themselves. The famous dispute between the Skinners and the Merchant Taylors (as to which should rank 6th and which 7th) was settled by the Judgement of Mayor Billesden in 1484, and there was some variation year by year based on relative wealth, which determined the level of contribution to the City's food stocks in terms of quarters of grain.

However, in 1516 the Court of Aldermen ruled that the order of precedence should be fixed as it was then and it has remained unchanged since that date. The Saddlers, who had previously ranked at least as high as seventh, were now ranked 25th.

The ranking of the companies in 1516 had no direct connection with their age or seniority. It is only those companies formed after that date which have been placed in the order of their incorporation.








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