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Structure of the Livery Companies

From 1506 onwards the Court of Aldermen controlled the grant of Livery by allowing it to be adopted by companies only under Letters Patent and the Mayoral Seal. At the same time, the City gained the power to limit the number of liverymen in all companies incorporated after that date. The lesser members of the guild, known as yeomen or journeymen (i.e. those who were paid by the day) usually worked for the liverymen who, as masters of their craft, had their own shops and were allowed to take apprentices.

Thus the present-day structure of livery companies evolved: the Freedom, which included all new entrants; the Livery, which was composed of the more influential members, and the Court of Assistants, from whom the Master and Wardens were elected annually to govern the company.

Although all the livery companies share this common structure, the internal organisation varies from one company to another: no two are identical.








The Master's Badge
The Master's Badge